Dau Cefn – Machynlleth / Sipsi

Dau Cefn are a North Walian band that make sort of post modern electronic chaos pop.  They’ve been going for a fair few years (15 I read somewhere) and put tunes up on their soundcloud at a fairly staggeringly prolific rate.  Usually getting so much out so quickly makes quality control a bit of an issue.  In Dau Cefns case, their tunes are getting better and better and better and better.  Here are the last two I’ve been playing on repeat lately:

Machynlleth: features Beth Jones, is influenced by KLFs ‘It’s Grim Up North’.  Genius.

Sipis: about being kidnapped by Gypsy’s in France.

Zarelli – Soft Rains


An amazing album by Carwyn Ellis of Colorama featuring spoken word by Leonard Nimoy.  Sounds sort of like AIR at their best doing a synthgasmic interpretation of War of The Worlds.

It’s only a limited run of 500 and you get a free CD with the LP so you can listen to it in the car like I do.  Definitely worth everyone checking out, especially with the sad news of Leonard Nimoy passing away this week.  Listening to this record is a fine way to pay tribute. BUY HERE

Crate Digging: Giava/Java

Giava Java

“Music of Muslim origin for the rituals of resistance and endurance” is the only bit of info I could find on this record.  It seems to be very rare, not listed on Discogs or ebay.  I found it in Hags records in Lampeter in the floor piles under the CD racks.  Released in 1980 on Italian label ‘Albatros’, it appears to have been re-released at some point but this one is definitely a first press.  All the tracks are uncannily either acapellas or percussion loops, so ace for sampling and throwing in mixes.

Here’s a few I’ve pre-chopped (crudely)

TRWBADOR ‘Several Wolves’ 11/08/2014

OWLET010 Art

The second TRWBADOR album is with us just over a year from the first.  It’s been well received so far with 5 of it’s 10 tracks having already been played on a mixture of BBC Radio Wales, 6 Music, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio Cymru four weeks ahead of its release.  It includes guest performances from Richard James and ESSA.  You can pre-order on 12″ record or CD here, or from iTunes on download.

Here is a promo mix of all the tracks:

Adam Walton ‘On Making Music’

A new book for aspiring musicians by BBC Radio Wales DJ Adam Walton has been released this week.  It’s a great guide for anyone working in or looking to work in music (especially as a music maker) and has vast amounts of information collected from years of experience and interviews with leading industry professionals.  We feature in one chapter discussing technology in music.  It’s well worth a read and is available HERE on a ‘pay what you think you should’ sort of deal.

Go-on, go-on, go-on.

Robin Williamson ‘Music For The Mabinogi’

Late last year I found a copy of this album on record and until then had no idea of its existence.  It’s a soundtrack Robin Williamson (incredible string band) recorded for a stage version of the Mabinogion,  a collection of tales from celtic Wales.  It’s got some great tunes in there and is a pretty great mix of harp riffs, celtic melodies and 80’s Korg synthesiser drones and FX.  We don’t own any rights to the recording but thought more people should hear it.

TRWABDOR ‘Breakthrough’ Out Now


We are proud to say that ‘Breakthrough’ featuring ESSA is available to buy now on 7″ or digital download.  It’s had a great response including lots of airtime on BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music and some pretty positive reviews over all.  The 7″ comes in an awesomely designed package by Nic Finch (chameleonic) and was mastered for vinyl by Donal Whelan.